Men's Dialogue Sessions

Maine Boys to Men provides a safe place for men to explore what it means to become active allies with women in support of gender justice and against gender-based violence.

Our monthly scheduled sessions, beginning in September 2018, will be announced shortly.

Maine Boys to Men began hosting men's dialogue sessions in early 2018. It has been powerful to witness and be part of this group of men coming together to share openly about experiences with masculinity and complex feelings about this unique moment in gender justice. Together we have expressed a desire to heal and hold ourselves and other men to a higher degree of accountability as we explore the potent pressures of our culture. Following requests from recent participants, we will spend time considering our role as male allies to others, exploring relevant cultural issues, and connecting with one another as a group of men. 

Plese contact if you want to receive related notices or if you'd like to provide feedback on prior sessions.