Men's Dialogue Meetings

Register here for Saturday, March 3, 2018 (1:00 - 4:00) at the Portland Public Library. 

Please join us for the next powerful dialogue session. We'll explore topics of masculinity, how men are feeling about this unique moment in gender justice, and discuss ways that we can join women as allies in this work.

Our nation is at an important moment. As countless women have come forward to share their stories of abuse and harassment through the #MeToo movement, it's clear that the issue of gender-based violence is too big to ignore.

At Maine Boys to Men we are saddened by the stories we've heard, and inspired by the women who have bravely come forward to confront the culture of harassment and abuse that pervades their everyday lives.

Absent from this conversation are the voices of men. As one of the nation's leading organizations dedicated to reducing gender-based violence and producing healthy, civically engaged men, we at Maine Boys to Men see a unique opportunity to facilitate this conversation.

Together we will bring the voices of men to this conversation in a meaningful and productive way.

Please join us!