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Volunteer Opportunities

We will be holding several volunteer trainings in 2018 - Click HERE to register and learn more!

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Volunteering at Maine Boys to Men is an opportunity to give your time and skills to make an impact on the lives of young people and across your community. Our adult volunteers are generous people who complement and provide support for the tremendous youth-led work being done by boys and girls across our state.

We offer periodic training sessions for those interested and ongoing development opportunities. Our next volunteer training is scheduled for September 2017. Following training, we work with you to match your skills and interests with available volunteer positions.

Volunteer positions with Maine Boys to Men include:     


Community Partner: Reducing Sexism and Violence Program (RSVP):

Description: As a Community Partner, you will work in your community to create awareness and advocate for the work of Maine Boys to Men.  You will use your local knowledge and contacts to identify ways to increase awareness of the need to reduce sexism and confront attitudes that can lead to gender-based violence.

You will:

  • Assist Maine Boys to Men staff and other volunteers in introducing the Reducing Sexism and Violence Program to middle schools, high schools, and adult groups in your town;
  • Spread the word in your community about the work and mission of Maine Boys to Men, by planning and publicizing related events, speaking to local community groups, or other activities. We will provide ideas and tools to help you convene others in your community around these topics;
  • Assist Maine Boys to Men staff in presenting workshops, community discussions and other events in your town for parents, educators, and other interested adults.   

Expectations:  With help from Maine Boys to Men staff, develop and implement an outreach plan to raise awareness of Maine Boys to Men in your community.   Participate in a monthly meeting with Maine Boys to Men and other volunteers where you will have opportunities for personal development, sharing work underway in your community, and getting the support you need for carrying this work forward. Meet as needed with Maine Boys to Men staff to discuss community project ideas, plans, and related support.

Veteran Dad or Coach:  Boot Camp for New Dads/Fatherhood & True Strength:

Description:  As a Veteran Dad or Boot Camp Coach, you will interact directly with expecting fathers through discussion groups at area hospitals.  Maine Boys to Men will train you to be a facilitator or you can volunteer to attend a class as a "Veteran Dad" of Boot Camp classes.  As a Coach or Veteran Dad, you will:

  • Talk openly with expecting dads about your experiences entering fatherhood;
  • Facilitators lead expecting fathers in discussion groups about the challenges and many changes they may face. They discuss the importance of fatherhood and the new role as a care giver you will have in your child’s life.
  • As a Veteran Dad, you will bring your 2-10 month old baby to Boot Camp class and share your experiences.
  • Boot Camp classes are held on the 1st, 3rd and 4th Saturdays of each month at Mercy, Maine Medical Center and Mid-Coast Hospitals from 9-12:30PM.

Expectations:  As a Facilitator, you will lead at least four 3.5-hour Boot Camp classes per year.  As a Veteran Dad you will attend Boot Camp classes that fit your schedule until your baby is 11 months old. 

Other Critical Support Roles:   

Description:  Maine Boys to Men volunteers also fill many critical support roles.  Volunteers are always needed to help us with communications and marketing, web development, creative design of flyers and outreach materials, fundraising, grant writing, general office help, and event planning.  Please contact us if you have additional ideas about how you would like to help!