Why Maine Boys to Men is Important

Why Our Work is Important

We know that every boy has the potential to become an emotionally healthy, respectful, non-violent man. We also see many social and cultural pressures pulling boys in exactly the opposite direction. As a result, boys and men are hurting. They are hurting themselves. They are hurting other men. And, they are hurting girls and women at alarming rates. 

Source: Futures without Violence (2015)

The Association of American Universities released the overall results of a survey that asked students at twenty-seven universities about their experiences with sexual assault and sexual misconduct, drawing responses from more than 150,000 students. 

Males age fifteen to nineteen are five times more likely to commit suicide than females of the same age.
(Here's the source.)

Boys age ten to seventeen are almost five times more likely to be in delinquency cases involving drugs.
(Here's the source.) 

It is critically important that we examine the elements of our culture that cause boys and men to detach emotionally and engage in self-destructive and violent activities. Boys and men, along with girls and women, need to stand up as leaders, to hold ourselves and others to a higher degree of accountability.

We all need to be part of the solution.