Thankfully, the voices are getting louder.

Thankfully, the voices are getting louder.  

The work WE do through Maine Boys to Men has never been more relevant. Issues we have been facing head-on for years have now become the world's most popular discussion. Our work is now top-of-mind and your involvement will have a powerful impact in Maine and far beyond.

We Have A Problem
When three of six living US presidents have faced allegations of sexual harassment and assault, that's a problem. Three men who have held the most powerful position in the world either didn't know better, or simply didn't care. Those around them either didn't notice, or chose not to. What happened to us?

Scars Run Deep
It was just a few short weeks ago when Harvey Weinstein's actions shook the internet. The king of Hollywood was in fact, a monster. And, his path of destruction was far reaching. The pain he caused will likely never dull within those affected by his egregious actions. As Diana Nyad describes so powerfully in her recent Op-Ed, that pain just doesn't go away.
Today, it's Harvey who? #MeToo, the powerful movement that garnered courage among so many, has now unveiled endless acts of harassment, assault, and abuse by those in power. Judges. Comedians. Actors. Physicians. Coaches. And unfortunately, the list goes on and on. The words 'rape culture' used to sound strong to me. Not any more. It's pervasive. It's real. And it needs everyone's attention. Now.

The VOICES are loud....and thankfully getting LOUDER
Survivors - many silenced for years - have been bravely coming forward and they are finally being heard. The time is now, OUR WORK has never been more relevant, more timely, and more essential.
I respectfully ask you to consider supporting our mission. Our Reducing Sexism and Violence Program (RSVP) helps individuals and communities make the important connection between the well-being of boys and ending gender-based violence. Demand for our work is higher than ever. Programs have grown tenfold in recent years, but there is much more to be done.

Your donation directly helps boys reach their potential to be emotionally healthy, non-violent men who stand up alongside girls and women to acknowledge these problem and make them stop.

Thank you for your support.

With Urgency,

Matt Theodores
Executive Director

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