I. Partnering for Solutions - (Exploring Masculinity)

Exploring Masculinity: Breaking through the gender barriers

View our related TEDx Talk on "Modern Masculinity" or scroll down for workshop information.

In this workshop, participants will explore the ways that experiences, assumptions, and expectations around gender influence the way we see, and sometimes unknowingly treat, ourselves and others. Through a series of fast paced, engaging activities and discussion participants will build connection with each other through shared experience, differing perspectives, and a desire for positive change.

We will look closely at how masculinity operates in modern society by engaging participants in topics including interpersonal biases, empathy, healthy relationships, gender stereotypes, and consent. By attending this workshop, you will come away with real skills that can be applied in your everyday life to shift attitudes and actions to make your relationships and communities safer and stronger.

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Fall 2019 dates TBD