II. Partnering for Solutions - (Shared Leadership)

Accountability and Shared Leadership: Preventing male violence against women

Power is at the root of sexual harassment and gender-based violence. Step 2 explores connections between male power and privilege, the often-uncharted topic of consent, and staggering levels of harassment, abuse, and violence against girls and women. Our approach acknowledges the importance of men and women working together as allies, and the need for men to hold themselves and other men to a higher degree of accountability.

This training prepares male and female participants to speak up in productive and effective ways about these difficult topics with acquaintances, co-workers, and the people they love. Participants leave empowered and prepared to lead positive change by confronting harmful attitudes, beliefs, and actions long before they become violent.

Step 2: Accountability and Shared Leadership
Preventing male violence against Women

Fall 2019 dates TBD