MEN CONNECT: Conversations in Masculinity

Men Connect provides a valued space and opportunity for men to have constructive and contemplative conversations around their experiences of masculinity. 

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We invite all men, both newcomers and regular attendees, to this monthly Men Connect gathering typically held in the training room at the Coffee By Design on Diamond Street. We are offering online connections during the Covid-19 crisis. 

Maine Boys to Men is committed to providing this space for men to explore the connection between gender and our culture of self-harm and violence. It is powerful to witness and be part of this group of men coming together to share, learn, and reflect openly about experiences with masculinity and complex feelings about this unique moment in gender justice. 

This experience provides an opportunity to share our stories and develop a deeper understanding of how we relate to ourselves and others. A shared practice of self-reflection, open dialogue, and intentional listening expand our opportunities for connection and shared leadership in ending gender-based harassment, abuse, and violence. We hope you will join us.