Summer Reading

Just like you, we have a list of books we hope to read this summer. Also like you, we are curious to know if they be books we learn from and keep, or books that are not at all what we were expecting. If you’ve already read them, or if you read them over the summer with us, let us know what you think. We’d also love to know if you’ve read something we should add to our list.

While wandering through the internet, we found this review of a book by the associate dean of Bard College on his experiences of societally expected masculinity. We also found a book about men and gender-based violence, When Men Behave Badly: The Hidden Roots of Sexual Deception, Harassment, and Assault, by David M. Buss. And our Google Alerts pointed us in the direction of Andrew Reiner’s Better Boys, Better Men: The New Masculinity that Creates Greater Courage and Emotional Resiliency; you can read a q&a with the author here.

A friend heard this book reviewed on NPR:Time to Talk: How Men Think About Love, Belonging and Connectionby Alex Holmes. It sounds as if Holmes has a podcast that he’s turned into a book, so the podcast might be worth a listen. While we are in listen mode, we might also check on the BBC radio documentary mentioned in this article from The Guardian.

We’re intrigued by this book from A Call to Men: The Book of Dares: 100 Ways for Boys to Be Kind, Bold, and Brave and this book by Michael C. Reichert, How to Raise a Boy: The Power of Connection to Build Good Men.