Courageously committed to ending male violence and self-harm while advancing gender equity.

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Our Mission

Reducing Violence

Our mission is to end all forms of male violence and self-harm and to advance gender equity by supporting the development of self-aware, empathetic boys and men.


Making An Impact

Youth & Parents

My son participated in yesterday's workshop and once home, told me all about empathy, consent, and stereotypes. I worked for 12 years as a youth educator and am glad you are in our schools discussing relationships, etc., with middle schoolers.

Working with Maine Boys to Men's Youth Council has made me more aware of issues and how I can help in even a moderate way. My involvement has taught me how to have an open and accepting mind.


The information was presented in a non-threatening way that invited me to reflect on my beliefs and societal norms, as well as the intersection of the two, and how that all plays out in our young people.

Tonight’s workshop was informative, enlightening, impactful, and engaging—and guess what? You don’t have to be parent to a boy to benefit from what you learn. We all left wanting to hear and discuss more.

Community partners

We have few resources of this kind in our Wabanaki communities, which led us to seek the expertise of MBTM. We received such positive feedback from participants who are hopeful ... to better support boys while also addressing the behaviors and attitudes that contribute to unhealthy masculinity.

MBTM's work is so powerful and we remain grateful for our working relationship.


“By focusing on positive expressions of masculinity, this program helps boys find positive ways to prevent violence and cope with violence to which they may have already been exposed.”


We brought the Educators & Coaches workshop to staff, teachers, and coaches from five districts and it was the most valuable professional development we had received in years. Following the training, three teachers started a professional learning team to implement pieces of RSVP® into our work with students. We left the workshop motivated to enact changes and equipped with the resources to do so.

MBTM does an amazing job helping boys think differently about some of the stereotypes they may have taken for granted. Our staff have been so pleased that we have scheduled MBTM to do workshops annually.

Our students are often surprised that MBTM's workshops are relevant to everyone regardless of gender. RSVP® is a real awakening for some students and its long-term impact will continue to grow.

We’ve attended trainings that promised inclusion and diversity but that weren’t engaging or useful, especially for experiential education. We really appreciated the facilitators' engagement, data, and positive communication. The modular design gives us many ways to incorporate these tools into our programming and better equips us as educators to facilitate conversations with students.


The United States would have much less violence if there were more programs that share the mission of organizations like Maine Boys to Men.

Research suggests [that programs like MBTM's] can be key to encouraging healthier emotional expression in young people, breaking down gender stereotypes and ultimately reducing violence.