Free workshop for Maine students

“Let’s talk about important topics that don’t get talked about or addressed anywhere else.” ~ high school participant

Looking for ways to support your middle or high school student in building the skills they need to navigate the challenges of middle and high school? Register your student in one of our annual workshops for Maine youth! 

This is a FREE opportunity for your children/students to experience our unique activity-based program, especially if your school district doesn’t currently offer it. These programs are designed for students of all genders.

Many thanks to all the youth who have joined us for our free youth workshops! We look forward to offering this again soon. Sign up for our occasional email newsletters to learn those dates when they’re announced.

High School Workshop

High Schoolers ages 14-18 will join our Youth Advisory Council students for a day of fun activities and important discussions, all while meeting students from other schools and eating an enormous amount of pizza. 

Through youth-led activities, students will engage in and discuss important topics while discovering new information about themselves and their peers. Topics include healthy dating relationships, consent, setting boundaries, and communication skills. We will explore how societal pressures, social media and narrow definitions of gender can lead to a culture of self-harm, disrespect, harassment and violence. Participants will become better prepared to navigate the pressures of high school and gain knowledge they can use to help make their friendships, athletic teams, and classrooms feel safer and more inclusive.

This workshop is popular with high schoolers! It’s fast-paced, interactive, and facilitated by members of our Youth Advisory Council.

Middle School Workshop –

Middle schoolers age 11-14 will enjoy a day of fun games and activities while making new friends and eating lots of pizza and snacks.

Middle school can be a tough time for youth. Our workshop involves interactive activities that focus on navigating friendships, feelings, and the pressures all youth face in middle school. Topics include: healthy friendships, beginning ‘dating’ relationships, setting boundaries with peers, and growing your communication skills. Students leave with new tools to bring to their friendships, athletic teams, and classrooms. This program is highly effective in empowering young people to feel safer at school and create safer relationships with those around them. It’s also a lot of fun for students and we do a lot of laughing while we explore these important topics!