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Research on the Reducing Sexism and Violence Program (RSVP®)

MBTM in the News

  • An NBC News article, featuring an interview with our team. The article discusses the disturbing rates of mass shootings in our country and their relation to the way we raise our boys.
  • ED Heidi Randall on It’s Your Voice, speaking about how men and boys can help prevent male violence.

TED Talks and Short Videos

Other Web Resources


  • To Raise a Boy: Classrooms, Locker Rooms, Bedrooms, and the Hidden Struggles of American Boyhood, by Emma Brown
  • Real Boys, by William Pollack
  • Delusions of Gender, by Cordelia Fine
  • Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys, by Dan Kindlon and Michael Thompson.
  • Packaging Boyhood, by Lyn Mikel Brown, Mark Tappin, and Sharon Lamb