Educators &
Coaches Training

Adults are pillars of influence and support in the lives of youth.

Our workshop for all youth-serving adults, including educators and coaches, is aimed at ensuring an inclusive and violence-free school culture for all students and athletes. Since 2019, these workshops have received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Youth-serving adults are crucial pillars of influence and support in the lives of students, particularly for developing identity, supporting self-esteem, and navigating peer relationships. This fast-paced, activity-based, and discussion-centered workshop will give participants both a greater understanding of the societal messages facing boys and men and an introduction to the tools needed to create inclusive environments in classrooms, on athletic teams, or wherever they work with youth.

Workshops will consist of four content areas.

  • Building Connections: Gender as a Social Construct
  • Building Understanding: Harmful Gender Stereotypes
  • Building Safety: Boundaries and Agreements
  • Building Community: Upstander Intervention

The next workshop will be held on Friday, September 23, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in Portland.

You may also contact us to bring a workshop directly to your school, camp, enrichment program, or community. We have recently presented this program at Brunswick High School, Portland Public Schools, The Telling Room, and Yarmouth High School. We look forward to a fall semester presentation at Kieve Wavus Education.

This workshop follows the COVID guidelines for where it meets. In the absence of guidelines, masks are optional and proof of vaccination is not required.