Kudos for MBTM

Recently, David Treadwell from the Portland Press Herald contact Danny Mejia, our program manager. The interview led to this excellent piece about our work. David Treadwell asks, “Did you know that 90 percent of the acts of violence in America are committed by boys and men?” And Danny, as he answers, describes the affirmational approach we take in all our work: “How can we come together to see the humanity in other people? How can we reduce violence? How can we convey a message of hope?”

Treadwell also shares a bit about how Danny’s “passion and perseverance” find expression in long-distance and trail running—something that not everyone knows about.

We agree with Treadwell that Danny is a great example of a modern man.

Danny leads many of our middle school, high school, and adult programs. He’s also piloting an “Intro to MBTM” webinar where you can learn more about us and what we do without leaving your desk.