Support our Spring Appeal!

My first few months as Executive Director have been incredibly inspiring. I want to thank our community for the amazing outpouring of well wishes as I embark on this role with what I believe is an organization doing some of the most important and necessary work of our lifetime.

I’m a living example of how societal expectations of masculinity can lead to harmful outcomes for boys and men. Looking back, it’s clear to me that access to resources like Maine Boys to Men’s Reducing Sexism & Violence Program (RSVP®) could have changed my life. I’ve already had the chance to witness RSVP® in action at a few local schools, and it is clear that the impact we have on students is real.

We must do all that we can to address the root causes of the increasing violence that is occurring in our country.

Empowering boys and men to work together to shift attitudes and beliefs that too often lead to violence is the most prudent and important solution to mitigating harm.

It’s time for our Spring Appeal, and one of my most important responsibilities is to ensure that we have the funds needed to bring our programs across the state. To that end, I’m writing to you today not only to introduce myself and warmly invite you to get in touch with me, but also to ask that you consider making a donation.

Right now, our primary objective is simple: to reach more people with our Reducing Sexism & Violence Programs (RSVP®).

Your support helps us work with more middle school students, high school students, teachers, coaches, parents, counselors, and school administrators. Maine Boys to Men’s violence prevention programs and approach to reducing harm are evidence-based and effective, and we believe that every student nationwide deserves to live in a community that prioritizes their safety.

Here at Maine Boys to Men, we do a lot with a little. A small team of staff reaches thousands of students each year, offering life-changing learning and personal growth that students don’t have access to anywhere else. And we also work with hundreds of adults annually who provide critical influence to our youth, helping them learn concrete ways to interrupt and correct damaging behaviors and beliefs in order to reduce harmful outcomes.

Our work is crucial at this moment in time. Will you consider donating generously so we can engage more boys, men, and people of all genders in creating safe, non-violent schools and communities? Please donate here today!

I would love to hear from you! Please reach out if you have any questions, or even just to say hello. The only way to heal, grow, and thrive, is together.

Thank you for being part of the Maine Boys to Men community.

With regards,

Bruce King, Executive Director