Our Spring Report

It is wonderful to be back in classrooms! The above graphic shows how many people we’ve worked with since January and below, we describe a few of our workshops in May.

In early May, we worked with 14 students from Lincoln Academy’s alternative education program. We created a new program for the day, adapting parts of both our middle and high school curricula, to meet students where they were. The students really enjoyed our presentation and activities, and in the closing circle they spoke to what they learned.

In mid-May, we were at the Maine Coast Waldorf School, where we presented a one-hour workshop as part of the school’s revamped sex ed curriculum.  The 22 eighth grade students were eager to engage with our activities on consent and boundary setting. We also worked with students at Yarmouth High School. There is a lot of enthusiasm around the newly formed RSVP® club happening there.

We had a great time presenting to 13 staff from The Telling Room, sharing a short version of our Educators and Coaches workshop with them. That session went 20 minutes over its scheduled time as folks were enjoying the workshop and had a lot to say.

We’ve updated our website to show our COVID policy for programs that don’t meet at schools. If we present at schools, we follow the school guidelines.