Parenting Workshop

We have completely lost track of how many things have changed in our world since the COVID-19 pandemic began. One thing that hasn’t changed? People are still becoming parents.

In the before-times, we partnered with area hospitals to present our Boot Camp for New Dads, a workshop for expectant fathers and fathers of newborns. Hospitals are now more strictly limiting who comes through their doors, so they have given us permission to hold these workshops off their campuses. We use content developed by the national Boot Camp for New Dads program along with material developed specially by our organization’s experts in violence prevention. We meet in a bright and spacious room donated by one of our community partners. (There’s even a Keurig that makes coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.)

We hope you will join us on November 12 (or January 21, 2023) to learn more about supporting your partner through the late days of pregnancy and early days of parenting; about responding calmly when your baby cries uncontrollably; about graciously handling the dreaded poopy diaper blow-out; and most important, about becoming the parent you want to be.

Photo by Jill Sauve on Unsplash