Registration is Open for Boston Training Institutes

We hope many of our Massachusetts friends (and even those from other states!) will join us for one of our two-day trainings in February, March, and April in the greater Boston area. Each is a unique professional development opportunity, centered on learning how to bring our violence-prevention programs to the youth in your community. You can read more below, then find the dates and registration links on this page.

Since 2019, Maine Boys to Men has trained over 140 adults to bring our Reducing Sexism & Violence Program (RSVP®) curriculum to schools, youth organizations, alt-ed programs, sports teams, and other settings where they work with youth. We’ve trained teachers, school administrators, counselors, after school program staff, parole officers, parents, domestic violence advocates, coaches, and many more.

RSVP®, a nationally unique program developed over 20 years, helps boys reach their full potential to become emotionally healthy, respectful, non-violent men. In recent years we have been experiencing greatly increased demand for our RSVP® for middle and high schoolers, which is why we launched our Training Institute that shares our knowledge with others who can in turn help us reach more youth. The curriculum is highly adaptable and can be used with a variety of age groups and all genders.

We do not want cost to be a barrier to participation in our Training Institutes. Please reach out to us for discount and scholarship options. Please share this post with youth-serving adults you know in the Boston area!

Thanks to Lincoln & Therese Filene Foundation and Roy A. Hunt Foundation for supporting our work in Boston.